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    TPA Drug Manufacturer
    Access Manufacturer Portal
    The CGDP Mailbox, previously used to access CGDP reports not available on the CGDP Portal, has been discontinued.
    To request report access to a report not available on the CGDP Portal, a manufacturer or sponsor will need to contact the TPA to request a Report Retrieval.
    This report retrieval functionality will provide time-limited access to specific report types on the CGDP Portal. Once a report retrieval request is made available in the CGDP Portal, authorized users will:
    1. Access the Portal
    2. Select the Reports Tab
    3. Populate the Ad Hoc radio button to download and save the requested reports
    Reports that are available for retrieval consist of reports that have been archived off the Portal. CGDP Reports are typically archived one year after the benefit year is closed or two years after initial release. The types of reports that are available for retrieval are:
    • Invoice
    • Data
    • Tracking
    • Dispute Resolution
    Access to the retrieved reports will be available for one of the following time periods:
    • 14 calendar days from date of request
    • Seven calendar days from date of report download
    Retrieved reports will automatically be removed from the CGDP Portal depending on which time frame expires first: date of request or date of report download.
    If you have any questions or need to submit an archived report request, please contact the TPA by phone at 1-877-534-2772, option 1 or by email at


    last updated on 08/14/2017