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    TPA Drug Manufacturer
    Frequently Asked Questions


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    How does one access the new CGDP Portal?03/18/2015
    How is the Dispute process affected by this change?03/18/2015
    How many line items are displayed on each page for the various payment related screens?03/18/2015
    How will Negative amounts be handled with this new process?03/18/2015
    How will older, outstanding payments owed to Manufacturers be resolved?03/18/2015
    How will you handle payments due to companies who are no longer in business?03/18/2015
    What information is available for invoice, payments & receipts data that I can use to integrate with my ERP system?03/18/2015
    What is the purpose of the Batch Payment feature?03/18/2015
    What software is being used to initiate and manage the payment process?03/18/2015
    Which mailboxes and portals will be phased out?03/18/2015
    Will more than one person be able to fill the Administration and Payment Initiation roles?03/18/2015
    Will the Due Dates change based upon the time it takes an ACH transaction to clear?03/18/2015
    Will there be charges to CGDP program participants for this process?03/18/2015
    As a Drug Manufacturer, how do I change the point of contact for the Manufacturer Portal?04/22/2014
    As a Drug Manufacturer, if my dispute was upheld when can I expect to see an adjustment?04/22/2014
    As a Drug Manufacturer, what should I do if our company makes an acquisition, splits, goes out of business, or adds/removes labeler codes?04/22/2014
    As a Sponsor, what should I do if our company makes an acquisition, splits, goes out of business, or adds/removes contracts?04/22/2014
    Can you give me an overview of what the Coverage Gap Discount Program about?04/22/2014
    How are PDEs reported on the invoice?04/22/2014
    How do I go about sending a 1099 tax form?04/22/2014
    I am new to the CGDP, is there a training document that will help me to better understand the program?04/22/2014
    I submitted a dispute file and some line items rejected. Do I need to re-submit the entire file or only the line item that rejected?04/22/2014
    Is there a list of the manufacturer dispute error codes listed on the TPA website?04/22/2014
    What is the Sponsors role when a dispute has been upheld?04/22/2014
    What is the timeframe for a PDE to be submitted and reported on an invoice?04/22/2014
    Where can I find guidance on the calculations that determine the invoice amounts?04/22/2014
    As a Part D sponsor, I received a payment for this quarter but it does not belong to us. How can I refund the money back to the issuing manufacturer?03/20/2014
    As a Sponsor, how do I change the Point of Contact for the CGDP mailbox?03/20/2014
    How do I reset my CGDP mailbox password (Sponsor or Drug Manufacturer)?03/20/2014
    How do I sign up for email notifications (Sponsor or Drug Manufacturer)?03/20/2014
    I received several payments from different Drug Manufacturers but I am unable to match the money with the invoice amount, what do I do?03/20/2014
    My invoice contains an amount which is below my bank's ACH minimum transaction limit. What should I do?03/20/2014
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