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    TPA Drug Manufacturer
    Frequently Asked Questions


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    Will the Benefit Year Closeout invoices always involve payments from Sponsors to Manufacturers?05/03/2016
    Does the new Dispute Management functionality allow more than one Reason Code per line?05/02/2016
    How will I provide supporting documentation with the new Dispute Management functionality?05/02/2016
    I still have outstanding adjustments for upheld Disputes which have not been paid by Sponsors. How should this be handled?05/02/2016
    Why have my disputed items never been upheld? I am aware of the Appeals process but I would like to discuss this issue with someone.05/02/2016
    Will the new Dispute Management functionality assist me in selecting which line items to Dispute?05/02/2016
    Will the new Dispute Management functionality check submissions when the D14 Reason Code is used?05/02/2016
    With the introduction of the new Dispute Management functionality, will Manufacturers be required to use the new Dispute Builder to create and submit Disputes?05/02/2016
    How Can I Update My Contact Information In HPMS04/19/2016
    Can I use a bank account for sending payments which is different from the account receiving payments?08/17/2015
    How can the user reset their ProfitStars password?08/17/2015
    How can users be sure that this payment process is secure, preserves transactional integrity, and minimizes risk to stakeholders?08/17/2015
    How do I submit Payment Confirmations after the Q1 2015 invoices are released?08/17/2015
    How is the bank account EFT information verified?08/17/2015
    How long can an amount be deferred?08/17/2015
    How will DPP support payers' need to have payments initiated by an authorized person that may not be the TPA's primary point of contact?08/17/2015
    How will payments be made in the Direct Payment Process?08/17/2015
    How will the 1099 submission process change for my company with the new Direct Payment Process?08/17/2015
    How will we know when payments are still outstanding?08/17/2015
    I am the authorized user but unable to log into the system. What should I do?08/17/2015
    I am the authorized user but will be unavailable during a time when invoices will need to be paid. How will the payments be made for my company?08/17/2015
    I completed an EFT form only a few months ago – why do I need to complete a new one?08/17/2015
    Is there a possibility that an amount in excess of the amount owed could be debited from my account or could be debited more than once for the same invoice line item?08/17/2015
    What bank account information will be used to make payments for the CGDP?08/17/2015
    What bank information will be used for receiving payments?08/17/2015
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