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    TPA Drug Manufacturer
    Webinar Information
    • Manufacturer webinars are held as needed to inform Drug Manufacturers of important information regarding the CGDP.
    • Announcement of the upcoming webinar will be posted on ListServ by the TPA five weeks in advance and will contain the web address and instructions for the attendees to register. 
    • A reminder ListServ will be sent two weeks before the webinar. 
    • The webinar URL and phone number will be distributed to registered attendees one week before the webinar. 
    • Beginning in 2013 webinar attendees will need to be registered in order to log and dial in to the webinar. 
    • Webinar slideshows will be posted on after each webinar.
    • This schedule is subject to change without notice.

    CMS is accepting topics for possible discussion on the webinar. Your topics, issues, and/or questions must be submitted to

    If you should have any questions, please contact the TPA by phone at 877-534-2772 or by Email at

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    Slides-December 201612/13/2016
    Slides - April 201604/13/2016
    Slides-November 201511/25/2015
    Sponsor DPP Training Slides05/11/2015
    Manufacturer DPP Training Slides05/04/2015
    Slides - February 25, 201502/23/2015
    Slides-February 18, 201502/19/2015
    Q&A-May 201406/09/2014
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    Q&A - August 201308/28/2013
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    Slides - July 201107/05/2011
    Slides - June 201106/01/2011
    Slides - May 201105/04/2011
    Slides - April 201104/06/2011
    Slides - March 201103/03/2011
    Slides - February 201102/04/2011


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