Upcoming system security enhancements to the Coverage Gap Discount Program (CGDP) Portal

In order to comply with increased system security requirements, the login process for the CGDP Portal will be changing on or about March 29, 2018.
A new Security Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Token process will replace the current security question challenge. Authorized Portal users (TPA Liaison and CGDP Payment Contacts) will be required to provide the Security Authentication Token number after successfully entering a user name and password. The Security MFA Token consists of an eight (8) digit alphanumeric code which is emailed to the verified email address associated with the user’s HPMS record each time a user logs in the CGDP Portal.
To implement the MFA token functionality, the TPA will be sending email messages to each of the authorized CGDP Portal user email addresses on file in HPMS, with a link inviting the recipient to complete an email verification process.
This activity is expected to occur during the week of March 26, 2018. This email will be sent from tpa.no.reply@palmettogba.com with the subject line of TPA CGDP Portal – Email Verification.
Any user with an unverified email address who attempts to log into the CGDP Portal after March 29, 2018, will not be able to access their account for invoice reports or make payments without further assistance from the TPA.
If you have any questions, please contact the TPA by phone at 1-877-534-2772, option 1 or by email at

Last Updated: 03/27/2018