CGDP Reconciliation Report Layouts

The CGDP Reconciliation Report Layouts assist Part D Plan Sponsors with understanding the format of the information provided in the two (2) CGDP Reconciliation reports loaded to and made available for download in the CGDP PRS portal. These management reports detail the inputs and results of the CGDP reconciliation process for the specified coverage year.

The CGDP Reconciliation Inputs Report provides plans with beneficiary-level inputs received from the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug System (MARx) and the Drug Data Processing System (DDPS). This report displays the total dollar amount of Part D prospective CGDP payment and the total dollar amount of the Part D invoiced CGDP payment for the coverage year for each beneficiary enrolled in the plan. The CGDP Reconciliation Inputs Report allows plans to validate the beneficiary-level inputs received from DDPS and MARx that will be used in their CGDP Reconciliation.

The CGDP Reconciliation Results Report provides plans with all of the inputs needed to understand how their CGDP reconciliation is calculated; including plan-level and contract-level CGDP payment amounts and CGDP invoiced amounts. The calculation of the CGDP reconciliation subtracts the Coverage Gap Discount Payment Amount from the Coverage Gap Discount Invoiced Amount.

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Last Updated: 06/17/2019